Piano Learning Resource
Volume One
  • Clean, contemporary look
  • Coil-bound
  • Reference tabs & cross-referencing for easy flipping between the "Ears" and "Eyes" sections of the book
  • Notehead stickers included for easy pitch notation
  • Repertoire sequence progresses from 3 pitch to 8 pitch melodies, starting with "Hot Cross Buns" and ending with "Happy Birthday"
  • Repertoire includes such tunes as "Jingle Bells", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Amazing Grace"
  • Easily adaptable for a variety of learners - auditory, kinesthetic, visual, attention-deficit, gifted, etc.
  • Works with existing methods or on its' own - allows for a variety of reading strategies to be applied including solfege and rhythm syllables
  • Guided exploration as a foundation for success
  • Designed for at home use, with minimal musical knowledge required
  • Individualized instruction possible
  • Repertoire used to expose students to foundational concepts
  • Pentatonic melodies
  • Transposition
  • Tonic, dominant and subdominant bass note harmonization
  • Hands together playing
  • Right hand and left hand melodies with alternate hand accompaniment - Switcheroo!
  • Register changes
  • Major and minor pentascales
  • Patterns - Same and different
  • Rhythmic dictation and creation
  • Identifying letter names of the piano keys
  • Melodic dictation and creation
  • Changing major tunes into minor
  • Aural discernment between major and minor
  • Songs by the number (scale degrees)
Keys - G flat major, G major, F major, C major, A major, B flat major, D major, A flat major, D flat major

  • Line notes - space notes
  • Quarter notes, eighth notes - quarter rests and eighth rests
  • Form - ABAB and AABA
  • Pentascales - every major key and g minor, c minor and d minor
  • Sharps and flats
  • G clef, F clef and C clef