Piano Learning Resource
The Book

For each of the songs in this series, there are two sets of pages – “Ears” and “Eyes”. The first set of pages guides the aural exploration at the keyboard, while the second set extends the learning, creating visual connections to the keyboard discoveries.

At the top of each “Ears” page, there is a keyboard that shows the notes used for a given melody. The musical notes show the pitches used for the song with the starting note indicated with a circle.

There is an intentional absence of fingering and articulations - use what comes naturally, makes sense and accomplishes your objectives.

Lyrics have been provided to encourage students and teachers to sing along with the playing. The addition of singing will help students internalize the melodies and rhythms, and will also improve their pitch matching. Singing along will also help them more readily recognize the melodic contours and lead to increased efficiency in their own “figuring”.

Although teacher duet parts have not been included at this time, please play along with your students. This adds a lot of fun to the lesson and most of the songs are simple I, IV,V harmony. Enjoy varying the key, style and register!

Once a skill or concept has been introduced, please add it to your “tool box” to use for building other songs too! Connections can also be made to your main method or other pieces that are being studied. Keep your eyes and ears open for similar patterns and opportunities to illustrate the learning in a variety of contexts. It is also important to progress at the rate of the student. This series easily allows individualized programming that will accommodate teacher preference and student need.